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Are you a Kingdom entrepreneur who is tired of profit fluctuating like a roller coaster?  Are you distracted and overwhelmed with too much on your plate?  Are you working long hours with little time left for God and family? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this FREE Report was written for you...

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“Due to these 5 Consistent Profit Maximizers, our numbers are better and our stress is lower.”- Bill Vaughan, CEO FnD Piers Inc.

Benson Agbortogo

Benson Agbortogo is the creator of the Consistent Profit Tree System which helps business owners and entrepreneurs in the construction and service industry generate more profit while working fewer hours.

While living in his native African homeland, at age 13, Benson Agbortogo discovered the immense love of a wealthy God and embarked on a quest to eradicate poverty. Benson became a missionary pastor with the purpose of helping people dedicate their lives to God but noticed most people still struggled economically and lived in financial poverty.

The Lord urged Benson to seek to understand the timeless, proven, economic principles of creating wealth to help others experience financial abundance. He moved to the USA where he has earned both a B.S. in Business Management and an MBA. Since then, Benson has served business owners through his Kingdom-based consulting services. He has authored 4 books, including “The Business System That Never Fails.

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