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May 27, 2023

The Greatest But Most Underutilized Referral Partner In The World.

There is so much data to prove that the most profitable method to get and keep clients is through referrals.

  1. Leads from referrals convert at a higher rate because of inherent trust.
  2. Referred leads convert faster. I remember receiving a call from a business owner who was referred to me by one of our clients. In just one 30 minute phone call, he became a client.
  3. Clients from referral channels stay longer. Most of our clients came through referrals and we have been serving them for years.

Though referral marketing is very powerful, the quality of a referral depends on the quality of the referral partner. Out of experience, I know the greatest referral partner in the world is the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately He is also the most underutilized referral partner. Why are so many Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Business Owners underutilizing the Holy Spirit as a referral partner when He knows 8 Billion people? I believe the reason is IGNORANCE. Since the cure of ignorance is knowledge, I am committed to teach Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Business Owners how to partner with the Holy Spirit so they can grow businesses and the Kingdom of God faster .

How do you start partnering with the Holy Spirit so you can receive referrals from Him?

1. Submit the description of your ideal client to the Holy Spirit in prayer.

2. Ask Him to refer people to your business - Matthew 7:7

3. Pay attention so you can receive the people He is referring to you.

If you are interested to learn more about the Supernatural Referral System, send me an email to benson@consistentprofittree.com

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