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February 28, 2020

Uncommon Profit Conversation with God – Part 2

Have you ever struggled to get customers?

When I started the business, I struggled to get customers. If God led me into business, why was it so difficult to get customers?

My wife and I barely kept our heads above water. It was so bad that our old car broke down in the middle of the road, and for the next 6 months we used public transport.

I was a business consultant at this time.

It was humiliating when I would sneak in the back door to meet my clients at Starbucks so they wouldn’t see me getting off the bus!

And if that stress wasn’t enough, my wife was pregnant with our first child. Her stomach was getting bigger while our bank account was getting smaller.

Our rent was months behind, and we had to visit several food pantries to have enough to eat.

It was so embarrassing, especially when I shared with people how God wanted to bless them financially!

I began to doubt my calling. Several thoughts kept racing through my mind; “If God called me to run a business, why is my income fluctuating like a roller coaster? Am I in the wrong business?

Am I offering the wrong service? Where are you God?

It felt like these battles would never end until I became so desperate looking for customers that I neglected my relationship with God.

In the morning I would say, “God, you understand I am running late. I will pray in the evening.” In the evening I was so tired that I’d say, “God you understand I am so tired. I will pray in the morning.”

After months of this, one morning as I was about to rush out of the house, the gentle voice of God spoke to my conscience.

He said, “Benson, where are you going?”

I said, “Lord, I’m going out to look for business.”

He said, “You are very busy.”

I said, “Yes, I am trying to network and meet more people.”

He said, “So you are doing all this work, meeting all these PEOPLE, and trying to introduce yourself to them so you can get new customers?”

I said, “Exactly.”

Then He asked me one simple question that changed my life and business forever…

Benson, how many PEOPLE do you think I know?

​I was almost sobbing at this point when I said, “God, you know everybody.”

He said, “Exactly. What makes you think that when you invest time with me I will not introduce you to anybody I want to; and you won’t even have to put your credentials on the table to convince that person to do business with you, because I will give you the best introduction?”

With this paradigm shift conversation with God, I began to invest more time with God.

Over the years, He has shared with me the Kingdom principles that can empower any Kingdom Business Leader to become fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and have dominion as stated in Genesis 1:28.

I am passionate to share these kingdom principles with you so you can increase your profit in fewer hours. Click here to schedule a free More Profit In Fewer Hours call.

“Benson taught me how to structure my business and drive profit in a way I never knew was possible.” – Max Keller, Savior Realty LLC

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