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February 28, 2020

Uncommon Profit Conversations With God - Part 1

Most Kingdom Business Leaders feel trapped in the wilderness.

Life is full of distractions.  Every day is the same.  You get to work early, but by noon you’ve been knocked off course by a tornado of unscheduled phone calls, texts, and emails.

By the end of the day, you’re so tired, but you have little or no progress to show for all that busyness.  You probably put in long-hours, 50 to 80-hour weeks are the norm, and there is little time left for God or your family.

Do you feel like you're trapped in the wilderness? God, if YOU called me to business, why is it so hard?

You keep thinking one day, you’ll make enough money and be able to invest the time your family so richly deserves.

It’s tough to live in the moment when you’re worried about your family at work…and dreading the next workday while you’re at home.

And sometimes the financial stress feels like a roller coaster.  The business barely has enough money to cover payroll…at times even having to take emergency loans to cover short falls in cash flow.

The majority of Kingdom Business Leaders consider closing the business at some point.  Maybe they’re being called to full-time ministry instead.

They cry out with all their heart, “Where are you God? If you called me to business, why is it SO hard?”

Immediately, doubt and fear come charging in again.  They dream of a different life…a better life. They wish they could donate more of their time and money, but there is no more to give.

It’s frustrating.

Is there an end to financial and the emotional treadmill?

I know this story…because I’ve been there myself, and I can assure you there is a place of FREEDOM…a place of rest…where you walk daily in the blessings of God.

Imagine living in the Promised Land where you have full control of your day. Your phone calls, emails and texts are scheduled. Your customers respect you; they value your products and services and are happy to work with you. They celebrate instead of tolerate you.

At the end of the day, you feel fulfilled because you can measure your accomplishments and you enjoy your work. You are in control of your business instead of your business controlling you.

This is a place where you work fewer hours, make more money, and have greater impact…while enjoying the process. You have financial peace because there is more than enough money to cover payroll and other business and personal expenses. No more emergency loans!

Imagine living and enjoying each moment.  When you are at work, you joyfully focus and serve your customers.  When you are at home, you enjoy your family and friends. Your relationship with God blossoms because you invest time with Him consistently.

Profit and cash flow consistently increase. You stop praying for financial miracles because you have become the miracle. God uses you to answer other people’s financial prayers as you give generously and consistently.

The good news is you don’t just have to imagine living in the promise land. You can experience it.

I know this because I used to desperately pray and dream of all the above…but now I’ve been living it for the past several years.

How did I navigate from my wilderness to my promise land? In the next email, you will discover an uncommon conversation with God that changed my life and business.

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